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Mr. Chunlin Zhang (John Chang), the founder of Yangzhou Positioning Group,attended Southeast University,where he majored in Semiconductor Physics. After graduating in 1987, John served in senior executive roles at a state-owned enterprise, he was fully in charge of first power semiconductor production line from GE, guided by an American authority on semiconductor, participated in the import, installation, preliminary test, and commissioning of the production line until the products meet the requirements of GE data sheet and sold to USA in bulk. 
In 2003, John established Yangzhou Positioning Tech Co., Ltd. (the head office of Yangzhou Positioning Group) with semiconductor chip research and market development as the core, he has successfully produced high-voltage diodes, high-voltage thyristors, TRIACS, RCT, asymmetric thyristors, high voltage thyristor modules, power assembly units and other power semiconductor devices. To focus on the specific conditions of products in different fields, he uses unique insights in-depth use of thyristor field, especially in induction heating furnace, steel casting, soft starter, power factor compensation, railway drive and welding machines. 
At the same time, it develops independent products (with brand YZPST and PST) with better performance to meet various customers’ requirements inland and abroad.

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